I recently completed a centre-piece design for the Pursua agency in Belgium. The design was to promote the forthcoming European Paper Week

European Paper Week is the European paper and pulp industry’s biggest annual event gathering over 330 participants, from all areas and levels in the industry. The event extends over 3 days, includes a series of meetings involving a range of industry sectors and creates a high level forum for discussion.

I sketched the designs for this years theme of 'Enabling the Bio-economy' and then produced a papergrahic. The Persua agency also commissioned a short animation of the completed design which is shown below.

A YouTube link to the 'Bio-economy video.

A photograph of the completed 'Enabling the Bio-ecnomoy' papergrahic.

Another photograph of the completed 'Enabling the Bio-ecnomoy' papergrahic.

Below is the magazine edited final 'Sizzling Southern Summer' design.

Which varied somewhat from the original design.

The advertising agency photgraphed the papergraphic design and completed this ad.

This is an original photgraphed of the papergraphic before I sent it to the agency.

I photgraphed the wave papergraphic and sent it to the agency who completed the final page layout below.

You can see how the papergraphic was trimed to fit the final page layout.